5 Most Popular Character Onesies One Can Buy


You have to go to an innovative theme party and are confused what to wear? It is important that when you visit a theme party, you should wear something that matches with the theme. Nowadays theme parties are in style. These are meant for additional fun elements to the gathering.

Everyone has a busy schedule. The stress in professional and personal life leads to irritation. This is why some people look for opportunities where they can party and enjoy. These actually act as stress busters. Theme parties allow people to choose from outfits which they always wanted to. Earlier, people loved themes like pirates, magic, fairies, angels and even demons. But now the trends have changed. Parties based on themes like animals and famous characters are in trend.

Character Themes: Getting Popular

Cartoon characters are something that every person likes. Even grownups remember a cartoon character that was famous in their childhood. These were characters that appealed and will always stay close to one’s heart. Any child or adult will not like to give up upon the chance of playing a particular character he or she always admired.

Kigurumi Onesies: Making Dreams Come True

This latent desire has led to character theme parties where everyone has to be dressed as their favourite character. But where can one buy such an outfit from? The simplest way is to buy a character Kigurumi onesie. These are outfits which are made of very soft material and come in different sizes for kids as well as adults. These are one-piece dresses which have a hood designed such that it serves as the face of the animal or character. It has ears and even a tail which gives it a real look.

Character Onesies

Companies which manufacture onesies keep re-inventing and introducing new designs and characters. These are based on the popularity of a particular character. One can find various options. While some are specifically designed for girls and boys, others can be bought by both. Some famous character onesies are:

  • Pikachu onesie: These are designed for boys who had loved this cartoon character in their childhood. This emerged to be a popular character due to combination of power, anger, faithfulness and innocence.
  • Winnie the Pooh onesie: This is meant for both girls and boys. One character that was very popular and is still one of the favourites.
  • Hello Kitty onesie: Specially meant for girls, this character onesie is in great demand. It was so famous that every girl wanted to have all possible accessories like bags, lunch boxes, pencil boxes, water bottles and even umbrellas with this character. And now with the onesie, adults and children can look like the character themselves.
  • Doraemon onesie: This character became famous recently a few years ago. This blue coloured character is loved by children as he is portrayed to help everyone with various gadgets. It is actually a modern cartoon character.
  • Angry Bird onesie: The latest and most popular onesie everyone will like to have is of an angry bird. These are bought by both men and women. It became immensely popular amongst teenagers and kids. Even adults know about it.

Kigurumi onesies or Kigus as people call them are the best outfits when one has to go to a theme party. These are not only meant for parties, one can also wear them at home as they are cosy. Those who have a collection of onesies should have an Angry Bird costume as it is in trend and it is actually an adorable character.

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