A Guide to Besties for Adults

Everyone needs a great friend in their life. If you do not have a best friend then your life is going to lack in some way. Far too many women fall into the trap of relying on their husbands to be their best friend. This can end up causing problems in the relationship and leave them alone. Without the support of a friend, a divorce can be even more painful. Plus it can make it harder to pick up and move on with life.

What You Should Look For In a Best Friend

Thought Catalog recently published an article called “21 Things to Look for In a Best Friend.” Here are ten of my favorites from this list.

  • You need a best friend that is honest with you and is willing to call you out.

  • Your best friend will never make you feel bad when you need them.

  • They will actually be happy for you when something goes good in your life, rather than being jealous.

  • You should be able to be yourself (100% you!) around your best friend.

  • Your best friend is someone who supports your goals and dreams, and never makes you feel bad about them.

  • Your best friend should challenge you to be the best version of you.

  • You want a best friend who you can sit in silence with.

  • Anything you do should be more fun with your best friend.

  • You should always feel safe and loved when you are with your best friend.

  • You can take your best friend with you anywhere and they will make themselves adapt to the situation.

Celebrating Your Friendiversary

True friends are hard to come by. One of the things that you should do if you have a special friend in your life is celebrate your friendiversary. This is a time for you to celebrate everything that you love about one another. It is also the perfect occasion to give your friend a very meaningful gift like a best friend charm. Don’t worry, best friend charms have come a long way since your grade school days and you are certain to find something great that your bestie will love.

How to Show Your Bestie That You Appreciate Her

There are so many things that you can do to show that you truly appreciate your best friend. These five small things will have a big impact on your friend and can really help your friend to know how much you care. If you’d like more ideas to show how you care, you can check out fifty of them here.

  • Make them a CD with a mix of songs that celebrate all of the special moments that you have shared in life.

  • Give them a great book that with an inscription from you.

  • Offer to help them when they seem to be struggling with something.

  • If your friend is a mom, offer to watch her kids while she has some time alone.

  • Call her just to talk or to ask how her day ways.

Friendships take work. Having a best friend is important to your mentality and can really help you to live a happier, more fulfilled life. Being able to show your best friend how much you care about them can help to make your friendship stronger.

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