How to Buy a Used Rolex Watch Online

You could own a Rolex watch by choosing a used one, saving you thousands. However, there are many counterfeit Rolexes out there, and these are particularly common online. Hopefully, the following information will help you to find genuine Rolex watches online so that you end up getting a good deal.

Tips to Help You Buy Used Rolex Watches Online

The first thing you must look into is the reputation of the seller. This will tell you a lot about whether or not they are scammers. Many online sellers also have shops on eBay and Etsy, and these are great opportunities to find out what people think of them. It is incredibly hard to censor a negative review on eBay, so make sure you check these. Additionally, if someone is caught presenting a counterfeit as being real on eBay, they will get banned. This does not mean someone can never receive a negative review, however. After all, there may also be shoppers with malicious intent, or who simply don’t know what they are talking about. Hence, look for a 4.5 rating at least.


Also look into the customer service and returns policies. You need to know that you can return your watch if there is something wrong with it. However, some will also allow for returns if you don’t like the watch. You may, for instance, have chosen the Rolex submariner only to find that it is too bulky for you. You are not guaranteed to be able to return this watch, particularly if it is a used model, but many stores will give you store credit. This is often the case due to the fact that used Rolex watches are such high value pieces.

Do spend some time doing your research into the different Rolex pieces that are out there. Each model has a specific number and this should be found on the second hand model you are considering as well. It cannot be stressed how important it is to know these numbers, as it is very easy to scam an unknowing shopper into paying more than what they should pay. For instance, an older model of Rolex may be customized slightly to make it look better and just like a more expensive model. Only by seeing the difference in the model number will you figure out that you may be paying way too much.

You should also look at the serial number of the watch. Firstly, this will allow you to instantly check whether it is a genuine watch. Secondly, the first digits of a watch tell you the year in which it was built. Cross-reference this with the actual Rolex store, as it is unfortunately not as simply as the first numbers being 1988 for a watch made in that year. Rather, that would be indicated as R86.

Finally, never purchase a watch of which you have not seen pictures from every angle. You need to be able to see the full watch, top and bottom, including the bracelet. 

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