How to Make Your Store NOT Annoy the Pants off A Customer

We all talk about annoying consumer habits, but a topic which often goes amiss focusses around the annoying tricks that high-street stores like to play on their customers.

It’s these annoyances which can prove to be profit-busting for retailers, yet many don’t even realize that they, or their employees, are even committing them.

Bearing the above in mind, we’ll now take a look at some of the common annoyances that blight customers in high-street stores around the country. Is your establishment guilty?

Don’t push your staff onto every customer that walks through the door

While some social customers might love it, most just want to be left alone. However, this still doesn’t stop some stores pushing members of floor staff onto a customer as soon as they step through the door.

In short, it’s plain annoying. If a customer wants assistance, they will ask for it. If your business starts to swarm around them as soon as they enter, it’s one of the most intimidating tricks around and instead of helping to make a sale, you’ll be helping them out of the door.

…But at the same time make staff approachable

At the same time, that’s not to say that your staff shouldn’t be approachable. While they shouldn’t zoom into every new person that enters within seconds, they also shouldn’t make themselves as unknown as possible.

You need to strike a balance between not being annoyingly over helpful, yet still being available should a need arise. Your customers shouldn’t feel as though they are asking a favor whenever they pose a question to one of your employees – they should be in relatively close proximity, eager to answer a query.

Have hangers that can at least hold their garments

Now we’re over the staff pleasantries, it’s time to make your stock tell a polite message. One of the worst sights that any consumer can be presented with is the jumble-sale appearance – with clothes scattered all over the floor and it feels like an assault course to move between shop sections.

It’s for this reason that budget hangers just don’t cut it anymore. If you’re looking to promote a high-end image, one that ultimately doesn’t result in clothes tumbling off their hangers left, right and center, consider some premium wooden hangers. The good models have anti-slip devices and a whole host of other features which doesn’t just make them look more sophisticated, but also prevents clothes slipping everywhere as well.

Don’t over up-sell

We’ve covered the start of the customer journey and also the mid-point, so we’ll now conclude accordingly. The up-sell can work like a dream in a lot of stores, but don’t abuse it. When you’re about to offer your in-store credit card, or anything else along those lines, just don’t push it. If they say no, that’s that.

At the same time, if all of your customers are saying no to your register offers, perhaps it’s time to refresh or just scrap them and put an end to another shopping annoyance that can blight your store’s reputation.

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