How to Organise the Perfect Hen Night Party keeping in mind the latest fashion


Tip on themed clothes and accessories to make any hen party go with a bang while making sure every party member feels comfortable and included.

Every bride to be looks forward to her hen night, but to make it really go with a swing a bit of careful planning is needed. Making a memorable party takes a little organisation ahead of time, in planning the venue, the numbers and the menu if food is involved, along with clothes and the special date when the party will take place.

Planning the Clothes

Coordinating clothes for all the members of the hen party is part of the fun. Themed clothes are available from websites and businesses that provide hen party supplies and there are plenty of options to choose from. From cave girls to saints and sinners, school girls or devil girls, there will be a theme that will perfectly suit your personality and the temperaments of your guests.

To make sure everyone has a good time without feeling self-conscious or out of place, hold a hen party meeting and discuss with everyone the types of clothing you’d all feel like having fun wearing. Choosing a theme that would make some party members feel uncomfortable will only put a damper on the whole party and having some members out of theme will ruin the overall effect and sense of togetherness.

Planning the Dates

Give plenty of notice to everyone you think you’ll invite to your hen party. It can be difficult for all your favourite friends to find time in their schedules when everyone is free, so the more time you can factor into planning the more likely you are to experience people needing to drop out.

At the same time, give some thought to venues. You may need to book several months in advance if you’re planning to host your party somewhere popular.

Alternatives to Full Theme Costumes

Not everyone likes dressing up or drawing attention to themselves. If you’ve some shy members of your party, consider the alternative to getting full costumes for everyone. For instance, you could all wear pink wigs or cowboy hats to identify yourselves as members of the hen night party.

A second alternative is to get T-shirts printed for everyone and have an identifying message or slogan printed on the front and you’ll all feel like a fun member of the party without anyone feeling out of place. Getting a couple of extra T-shirts printed also means you can issue last minute invitations and still make late arrivals feel like full members. Printed T-shirts also provide long lasting mementoes of the occasion.

A third alternative are hen party sashes. These can be printed with titles such as mother of the bride, bride to be and hen night. Not only is the party fully identified, but everyone’s role at the forthcoming wedding is proudly displayed too. Worn over everyone’s own party clothes, they’re an effective and fun addition to hen party fun and games. These and plenty more ideas for super hen parties can be found in any Hen Party Superstore.

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