The Do’s and Don’ts of Renting a Tuxedo for Prom

What is so complicated about a blazer, a button-down and a pair of pants? You will not know what is sophisticated about a simple formal wear until you are at a tuxedo shop and a thousand voices in your head start trying to convince you which tux is the best. You will get confused about whether to take a peaked or notched collar, pewter or enamel cufflinks, or other elegant options. If you are looking for a tuxedo for prom, it may even be more challenging because you would like to be the best looking guy that day. Before you make impulse decisions, here is a simple how-to guide with the do’s and don’ts for prom tux rental: Do’s- 1) Research Do your homework carefully online and in fashion magazines. Look for the latest trending suits and check out formalwear photo galleries online. Once you find what you want, look for tuxedo shops that stock the kind of suit you want. Visit a number of shops and compare prices before selecting a particular tux. 2) Consider your personal taste Do not be like every other guy who feels obliged to select a tuxedo that matches his date’s dress. Just like your date would not select a dress based on your suit, you also should not select a formal wear based on her dress. Take into account your personal style and taste. If you like casual threads, a bold tie will look much better than a bow tie. Choose a suit that goes with your body type too. 3) Carry enough money Buying a tuxedo could cost you thousands of dollars but renting is just a few hundreds. Since it is just a onetime event, renting would be the best option. To avoid being embarrassed, bring enough money with you to the tux shop; at least up to $1,000. Although most tux rentals range between $100 and $200, it is good to bring enough money, just in case prices have increased or you want to rent more than one tux. Don’ts- 1) Postpone tux shopping Last minute shopping most of the times turn out bad. The local tux shop may not have your size, your size may be available but it could be that awful suit that you swore never to buy, something may happen and all shops closed; anything can happen at the last minute. To avoid this rush a few hours to prom, start tux shopping several months before. The advantage with early tux shopping is that you will have a wider selection and get more attention from the salespeople. 2) After you’ve done all you are supposed to, ensure you don’t give room to any kinds of surprises on the morning of the prom. Fit all your collections; the pants, jacket, shoes and shirt. If you notice that one does not fit properly, exchange it for a better fit before prom day. Prom day is most likely the best moment you will have in high school. Do not let a simple mistake with a tuxedo ruin your day.

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