Want to know what hair style to sport this season? Be on-trend with our guide to the hottest hair trends for Spring/Summer 2015:


Long hair is back with a vengeance. It may have been about cute bobs and pixie crops in 2014 but spring/summer 2015 is going to see hairstyles creep further and further past the collar. The Lob may be a long-time favourite of celebrities, with Emily Blunt, Nicole Kidman, Naomi Watts and Alexa Chung all sporting the style towards the end of last year, but expect it to be trending in public popularity straight through to the summer this year where it may only be overtaken by the next long hair trend on our list.


The Boho Wave is set to cause a style tsunami this year. It’s the perfect compliment to summer dresses and sandals but it’s already creeping into the fashion hotspot in these colder spring months. It’s a style that embraces a nonchalant and imperfect vibe with casual, subtle waves that are curled into different sections of long hair. Being so incredibly versatile and easy to manage the Boho Wave is a sure winner for summer festivals, where it can be lavished with 60s influenced free-love flowers and accessories. The Chapel Salon, Tunbridge Wells, has told us that they expect the Boho Wave to be the biggest hit of 2015 with frizz free products and curl boosters set to see boosts in sales.


The ponytail isn’t going anywhere in 2015. Shiny ponytails, woven ponytails, bouncy ponytails, wavy ponytails are all still high on many people’s fashion lists but the real ponytail trend isn’t high at all in fact it’s very low. The low ponytail has been trending for over a year now but if there’s one thing we learnt from Fashion Week in Paris, London and Milan it’s that the low ponytail is the current queen of the crop (that doesn’t work on so many levels). Simple, elegant and flexible the low ponytail is worn right down at the nape of the neck and is perfect for controlling wild long hair without losing any character. In fact it’s actually the ideal way to smarten up the Boho Wave for a ‘straight off the beach into the party’ look.


Bad Bob may sound like a villain from a low budget cockney crime show but it is of course a hair trend started by Sienna Miller last summer. Many were concerned when Luke Hersheson told interviewers that he had given Miller a “bad bob” on purpose by slashing away at her hair with a razor blade but as it turns out the ‘bad bob’ actually looks great and it’s a style that seems to keep growing in momentum; spawning more and more celebrity copy cat cuts. Scott Ade at Hersheson’s Salon, Conduit Street tells us that it is still by far their most in-demand haircut, so expect to see ‘Bad Bob’ out and about on the high street this summer.


Put away the hair dyes (or get them out) because grey is definitely in. Joni Mitchell’s ethereal presence on the cover of February’s New York Magazine has caused as much of a stir as her sudden emergence as Yves Saint Laurent’s new poster girl in January but it wasn’t YSL’s clothes that were making the gossip columns, it was Joni’s perfectly straight, silky, shining silver hair. Helen Mirren, Vivienne Westwood and Judi Dench have all been styling out the grey look for years but it is not just the over 50s who can pull off grey with Rihanna, Ellie Goulding, Kelly Osborne, Nicole Richie and Lady Gaga all proving recently that it’s hip to be grey.

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